Re: When did STS-98/ISS do orbital maneuvers between Feb.13-16?

From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 01:36:10 PST

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    I subscribe to STS elsets, and I also retrieved some ISS and Soyuz TM-31
    elsets from OIG.
    Converted to comma-separated one-liners by my 'oneline.exe' I loaded them
    into Excel for graphing mean motion vs. epoch date.
    It is quite obvious that reboosts where made around Epoch 041.2 (COLlision
    Avoidance), 042.8, 044.8, 046.8, and 048.8 (separation)
    If these reboosts were single-burn, it is easy to get accurate times of
    reboost using Rob Matson's COLA or AllCola programs. However, the 42.8, 44.8
    and 46.8 epochs refer to singular elsets between stable series of MM values,
    so they may be inaccurate, or imply that the reboosts were made in
    perigee/apogee pairs, possibly separated by some orbits.
    I may lack some elsets at the latter points, so I have submitted a
    'Historical TLE Request' to OIG.
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    > I'm trying to figure out when the docked Shuttle and the ISS maneuvered in
    > their orbit between Feb.13 and Feb.16.
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