Mir observation from Guatemala

From: MALEY, PAUL D. (JSC-DO) (paul.d.maley1@jsc.nasa.gov)
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 12:59:19 PST

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    This morning I observed the Mir appearing from the earth's shadow at 1129UT
    from in front of the Marriott Hotel in downtown Guatemala City. I am now
    back in Houston, but the pass showed Mir as still stable and of course,
    rather fast moving reaching 
    -2 magnitude at maximum. I had hoped to *attempt* observe the reentry
    process of STS-98 (in daylight) since the second KSC landing opportunity
    yesterday would have flown over the northern border of Guatemala and Mexico;
    these plans were thwarted by weather at KSC.
    Paul D. Maley
    tel. 281-244-0208, fax.281-244-1140
    lat.29.6049N, lon. 95.1069W, el. 6m
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