From: Kevin Fetter (kevin_fetter@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 00:00:44 PST

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    OCS is sure coming down fast. It's orbit perigee is currently decreasing 
    between 4-5 km in one day according to element manager. Thats way much more 
    then the much larger mir in a lower orbit is. Got to love that this smaller 
    sat in a higher orbit comes down faster then a large sat in a lower orbit, 
    isn't orbit mechanics great.
    OCS is predicted to come down Mar 17 by OIG. I wont be able to see it until 
    april according to heavens above based on the latest orbit, so It looks 
    won't get to see if ever again, it was a nice bright sat to.
    Good bye OCS.
    I like the pictues of the geo sat's against the star trails found here
    Know what to expect when I try it.
    Kevin Fetter
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