Company Soon To Give Rides in To ISS or Suborbital(less money then airlines flt!

From: Kevin Martin (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 05:31:08 PST

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    Hi Everybody My name is Kevin Martin and Ive got some news for all you
    Seesatters.In approximately 2 years,A company Called SA.CO. will take
    any paying customers to the ISS or on a Sub orbital 130 min Flight!
    Cost is $149!
    Had something on the news a while back on Space Travel.
    It Mentioned that Space travel Should Cost Less then Airtravel.
    They were right!
    The trip comes complete with
    Heargear/w/camera-So you can show your friends you experience.
    Space suit
    Stay on Base for 1 week
    and Suborbital Flight!
    Kevin Martin,NRB
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