In addition to Iridium 59...

From: Mark Harris (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 23:56:34 PST

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    Last night (14 Feb 2001), I saw a mag 3 flare from Iridium 59
    as predicted from Iridflar (152 az; 49 alt) at 19:23:05 GMT.
    A few seconds after this, I also noticed another sat a few
    degrees further to the South & slightly higher (mag 2,
    approx 165 az; 50 alt) following it.
    Any ideas what it was likely to be? I had a look on Heavens
    Above & there was nothing listed...
    Location: 50.909N, 2.789W
    Also: has anyone seen any reports of Cosmos 2278
    flaring? I saw a sat yesterday of which Cosmos 2278
    "best matched" the pass, but the mag it
    should've been was 6.8, rather than the 1 (approx)
    I saw it at...
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