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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 23:37:43 PST

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    >> for flash timings or attempts at position measurements, 
    >> I use a good stopwatch calibrated with WWV.
    > How many lap times can this particular stopwatch hold?
    Just three or four weeks ago I bought another of the same
    model of stopwatch.  (The first one, after something more
    than two years and thousands of clicks, has developed a
    sticking-buttons problem.  It's still under a warranty, so 
    I should do something about that.)  It's an "Alpha 470 
    Version 2.0" made in Hong Kong and sold by SportLine of 
    Campbell, California.  It stores 100 laps.  The first one 
    was a gift from my sister; the second one I picked up at 
    Academy for less than $30, I think (don't have the exact 
    price handy).  Sue Worden has one of these also:

    Kurt Jonckheere wrote about a 100-lap stopwatch in 1996:

    Mike McCants wrote about his 50-lap stopwatch in 1997:

    Back in January 2000 David Brierly asked about a 500-lap 
    stopwatch that he had seen advertised that included an 
    optional connection to a PC (DOS) system, but I don't know 
    if anyone ever replied to his inquiry:

    A couple of months later Mike Waterman wrote a message, 
    "Better than a stopwatch?" about his system for using a 
    direct PC hook-up:

    And another one for those who like to "build their own", 
    Willie Koorts has some interesting information, "Turn your 
    PC into a 1000-lap-memory logged stopwatch for doing 
    satellite timings ..", at this location:

    There's a lot of information about how to use stopwatches
    (both old-fashioned and multiple-memory) for timing 
    satellites in chapter 7 of the FAQ:

    ... Hoping for some clear weather this coming weekend ....
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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