Re: A question regarding timing

From: Jim King (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 07:52:09 PST

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    "Dale Ireland" <>
    > any handheld GPS unit will display time with sub-millisecond accuracy. You
    don't have to worry about WWV reception anymore.
    > Also, I have done lunar occultation timing for years, starting with the
    stopwatch method. Careful studies showed that while many
    > people "thought" they were getting 0.1 second or less accuracy they always
    were around 0.3 second accuracy. Just nerve conduction
    > and muscle contraction takes significant time.
    Most consumer handheld GPS receivers update their displays at a relatively
    low priority.  The displayed time is often off by several hundred
    milliseconds, and (in rare cases) off by several seconds.
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