ISS, Shuttle and Destiny

From: Roger Rice (
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 16:53:26 PST

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    	Hope this is better. Don't know how to change it from the HTML to Plain
    Text. Will try to find out before next post.
    Just saw the ISS/Orbiter/Destiny pass by my location as predicted in
    Heavens-Above from 19:27 to 19:29 Local EST (0027-0029 UTC). Looked like a
    .9 mag, picked it up due west at about 10 deg elev and lost it in the shadow
    at about NNW about 27 deg elev. Pretty neat. Third time this week. This is a
    lot of fun but cold work.
    Roger Rice
    currently Ashburn, VA, USA, 39.0541N, 77.4400W 100 Ft
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