ISS/Atlantis Pass

From: Penny Fischer-Otte (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 15:47:37 PST

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    Hi folks,
    Saw a very bright and high pass of the ISS trailed by the shuttle just now.  This doublet
    pass was near zenith (75 deg) and so bright that both of the craft were plainly visible
    through clouds.  The passes started near Venus and traversed the sky towards the
    ISS was visible about 7:32 EST when I stepped outside.  After it hit it's highest point it
    seemed to blink a bit and turned brilliant  orange in color.    Trailing it about 7:36 EST
    came the shuttle, which appeared to my eyes noticeably more whitesh in coloration all
    This would have been a spectacular pass had it been clear out;  I am hoping for more
    opportunities before docking occurs.
    Clear skies everyone!
    Penny Fischer-Otte
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