Usual - corrections 30 Jan 2001

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 02:03:17 PST

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    This is becoming too much of a habit - once again I made a few mistakes
     in my last report of observations for 30 Jan 2001 - kindly pointed out by 
    Mike McCants who (whom?)  I now appoint as my Guardian Angel......
    Satellite NOSS 4A - 83008A #13791 at 20h 54m 24.97s - declination 
    should be -00d 34.26m and NOT +00d 34.26m.
    Secondly, somehow I typed one 0 too many so date in IOD format reads 
    03 Jan- it should be 30 Jan 2001.
    No prize for anyone who spots my next error/s !
    Now I know why they retire old fossils...
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