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From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 10:23:34 PST

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    Hi Carl,
    > Just saw Lacrosse 2 as predicted by Heavens-Above.  First sighting was
    > between Cassiopea and Andromeda.  Magnitude at first was much better than
    > predicted 2.8 (I wouldn't venture to guess a number but safe to say it was
    > negative value) and faded immediately.  By the time it passed Saturn and
    > Jupiter it was barely visible under present conditions.  Just about 10
    > minutes after I saw Iridium 3 flare as predicted.
    I observed the same two satellites from the San Clemente
    pier plus Resurs 1-3 R/B (94074B).  The latter made a
    nice 60-degree culmination pass in the east-northeast
    (heading north) after passing right through the center
    of the belt of Orion.  It was in the sky at the same
    time as Lacrosse 2.
    Iridium 3 outperformed its predicted magnitude -3 by at
    least 2 full magnitudes -- noticeably brighter than Venus.
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