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From: John W. Gardner, Jr. (
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 18:22:47 PST

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    Hi All,
    Feb. 05, 2001  0221 UTC
    My yearly SSR breakdown report...late.  :)
    Part 1 of 2     NO ELEMENTS AVAILABLE
    Per OIG/GSFC Satellite Situation Report vol. 41 # 12  ( December 31, 2000
    Of 642 known objects which have been injected into space with little
    of being continuously positioned...
    A)  500 objects cataloged as having no elements available.  With the
        exclusion of six (plus a surprising two more!) items shown here...
        03948U   APOLLO 10 LM (DPS)         1969-043C      NO ELEMENTS
        03949U   APOLLO 10 LM (APS)         1969-043D      NO ELEMENTS
        06005U   APOLLO 16 LM (ORION)       1972-031C  NO INITIAL ELEMENTS
        25131U   LUNAR PROSPECTOR           1998-001A  NO ELEMENTS AVAILABLE
        25571U   MARS CLIMATE ORBITER       1998-073A      NO ELEMENTS
        25605U   MARS POLAR LANDER          1999-001A      NO ELEMENTS
    =>  25575U   ISS (UNITY)                1998-069F      NO ELEMENTS
        26400U   ISS (ZVEZDA)               2000-037A      NO ELEMENTS
        Breakdown count/type of these mostly classified/black objects:
        181  Primary payloads
         83  Primary payload debris objects
        125  Rocket bodies
        103  Rocket body debris objects
        492  objects no elements provided
    B)  119 Objects are in various types of extended orbits plus following
        02395U   ATLAS AGENA D R/B          1966-073B  LUNAR IMPACT
        02908U   ATLAS AGENA D R/B          1967-075B  LUNAR IMPACT
        05234U   MARS 2                     1971-045A  MARS ORBIT
        05252U   MARS 3                     1971-049A  MARS ORBIT
        05261U   MARINER 9 (MARS)           1971-051A  MARS ORBIT
        06754U   MARS 5                     1973-049A  MARS ORBIT
        08108U   VIKING 1 ORBITER           1975-075A  MARS ORBIT
        08199U   VIKING 2 ORBITER           1975-083A  MARS ORBIT
        19281U   PHOBOS 1                   1988-058A  MARS ORBIT
        19287U   PHOBOS 2                   1988-059A  MARS ORBIT
        22136U   MARS OBSERVER              1992-063A  MARS ORBIT
        22138U   TOS R/B                    1992-063C  MARS ORBIT
        24667U   MARS PATHFINDER            1996-068A  MARS LANDING
        05860U   PIONEER 10                 1972-012A  ESCAPED SOLAR SYSTEM
        06421U   PIONEER 11                 1973-019A  ESCAPED SOLAR SYSTEM
        10271U   VOYAGER 2                  1977-076A  ESCAPED SOLAR SYSTEM
        10321U   VOYAGER 1                  1977-084A  ESCAPED SOLAR SYSTEM
        07915U   VENERA 9 BUS               1975-050A  VENUS ORBIT
        07947U   VENERA 10 BUS              1975-054A  VENUS ORBIT
        14104U   VENERA 15                  1983-053A  VENUS ORBIT
        14107U   VENERA 16                  1983-054A  VENUS ORBIT
        19971U   IUS R/B(2)                 1989-033D  VENUS ORBIT
        19969U   MAGELLAN                   1989-033B  VENUS ORBIT
    PART 2 of the following will be posted shortly:
        Count of both orbiting primary/secondary payloads & their debris
        Count of both orbiting rocket bodies and rocket debris objects
        Count of both decayed primary/secondary payloads & their debris
        Count of both decayed rocket bodies and rocket debris objects
    A file list (in same format shown) for each specific object type is
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