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From: Robert Christy (
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 14:27:23 PST

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    If it helps with the discussion - I've updated my Web Site (address below) on 
    the basis of several pieces of information which have come to light over the 
    past month or so.
    Follow the link under the "Technical Area"
    On 4 Feb 2001, at 16:07, Allen Thomson wrote: said,
    > A pass like the one mentioned by Allen below, overflying near 47S, 140W on
    > descending track, is a good choice because it provides for relatively long
    > communication passes at BOTH Baikonur and Ulan-Ude.
    This seems increasingly probable, at least in my opinion.
    The 12:00 - 13:00 UT ground track for 6 March 2001 based on  the TLE
    1 16609U 86017A   01035.19224475  .00126017  17309-4  33245-3 0  5208
    2 16609  51.6447 142.0318 0016055 324.0645 111.0866 15.94293628855753
    still seems to be a good surrogate for what is likely to happen.
    Of interest is that Kwajalein, with its great variety of radar and optical
    sensors, is likely to get a reasonably good look.  But, as Tony implied,
    Nuku alofa, Tonga (21.13S, 175.20 W) seems to be the place to be.  I'd
    expect that by that time Mir would be glowing.  Anybody here from the Tongan
    Astronomical Society?
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