Re: mir splash down calculations

Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 13:02:43 PST

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    The track mentioned in the article is a bit different from the one that 
    directly overflies Biakonur, Ulan-Ude and 47S/140W.  However, it still 
    provides for a nearly zenith communication pass over Biakonur.
    Assuming they successfully overshoot Australia and New Zealand, the next 
    landmass they will come near on the track mentioned in the article is S. 
    America, near the Ecuador/Peru boarder.  That gives them about 10, 600 km 
    between Stewart Island, NZ and the South American coast.
    Hope that's enough.
    "Orbitologist in Residence"
    47.44N, 121.15W 
    In a message dated 2/4/01 12:29:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
    > The map shows it on a descending orbit, crossong
    >  the southeast coast of Australia midway between Sidney and Tasmania
    >  and just crossing the small island off the south coast of New Zealand's
    >  South Island.
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