Re: mir splash down calculations

From: Mike DiMuzio (
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 12:28:08 PST

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    	The Feb 2001 issue of Astronomy Now, a British astro mag, they
    have a small article about Mir, including a diagram of where it is supposed
    reenter and impact the ocean southeast of New Zealand.  
    	This is obviously where they would like Mir to fall, but they describe
    the problem of predicting exactly where it could come down, citing
    problems with Mir's navigational system and of variations in Earth's
    atmosphere.  The map shows it on a descending orbit, crossong
    the southeast coast of Australia midway between Sidney and Tasmania
    and just crossing the small island off the south coast of New Zealand's
    South Island.
    	Condisering publishing deadlines, this is probably only an approximation
    of where Mir will come down.
    41.087N  80.714W 305 meters
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