Re: Nilesat Ariane 44P rocket

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Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 19:51:24 PST

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    >>The Ariane rocket is an ESA (European Space Agency) launch vehicle.
    >>Nilesat, the main payload (25311, 98-24A), is owned by Egypt.
    >Wrong. Ariane is a launch vehicle exploited commercially by
    >Arianespace which is an independent company registered in France.
    >Consequently, the rocket body must be attributed to France.
    >ESA was only responsible for the development of the launcher, not
    >its commercial use. The same is true for Ariane 5.
    >Bruno Tilgner
    1)  Um.....saying the Ariane rocket is an ESA launch vehicle is not
    incorrect.  If ESA was responsible for the development of the launcher,
    then it can be considered an ESA vehicle.  If it is commercially
    exploited by France, then it can be considered a French vehicle.
    "Wrong" is a strong word, methinks.
    2)  That would make the robotic arm of the shuttle.......American?  Or
    French?  That would make the Yamaha motorcycle.......Japanese?  or
    American?  That would make the telephone.......well, you get the idea.
    Which one is "wrong?"
    3)  Off topic, I know, and I apologize.  I just get a bit torqued when
    someone calls someone else "wrong."  There are much more constructive
    ways to get an idea across.  :-)
    Michael diLorenzo
    Close Enough To The Adirondacks, NY
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