STS-98 Lunar Transit During Ascent?

From: George S. Williams (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 19:01:14 PST

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    Using the STS-88 SkyMap .trj file posted by Rick Baldridge at-
    with a map time of 18:11:00EST and a long/lat of -75.7/+35.2 (just west of
    Cape Hatteras, NC), the shuttle transits the moon at 18:18:52EST, about 8
    minutes into the ascent. I'm not sure how close the actual trajectory will
    be to this file, but observers in eastern NC might be in for a rare sight.
    I've placed a screen shot at-
    At my location, SE Virginia, MECO is well below the moon. The only special
    addition to my watching the shuttle is a magnitude -8 flare of Iridium49
    that occurs about 30 degrees above the shuttle at about 6 minutes after
    launch! Screen shot at-
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