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From: Felix Berthelmann (felix.berthelmann@student.uni-halle.de)
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 14:04:12 PST

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    Hello I'm Felix. I am a student of Biology in Halle (Germany) (N 51.4731
    and E 11.9669). I need your help.
    I've never watched satellites as a hobby, but recently I saw something and
    have no idea whom to ask what this might be. It was definitely not a normal
    satellite as one sees them a dozen times a night.
    It was on the 27th of February 2000, 29 minutes past midnight, in Halle. The
    sky was clear. We were five people (all have seen it) and I discovered 2
    bright dots travelling very fast from East towards the western horizon
    (right above us). The bright dots seemed larger than "normal" satellites.
    The distance between them was approximately 3 or 4 times their diameter.
    They flew on a parallel course. And the amazing thing about them was their
    speed. They were moving so fast that we saw them just for 6 or 7 seconds.
    Then they disappeared in the dust of the horizon. We have a lot of air
    traffic here, but I'm sure it was not a plane (there were no flashing lights
    and it was moving too fast). And it had no tail or anything else, so it was
    not a falling star.
    I have checked this site:
    le&TZ=CET&Date=36582.2291666667&Mag=4.5 and found no visible satellite
    passing by at that early time in the morning.
    So I had no other idea than to ask you. Was it a satellite we've seen and if
    yes - what type of satellite travels so fast? It would be very kind of you
    to help us with this question.
    Thanks a lot,
    felix berthelmann
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