Re: Looking for Archived IUS SRM-1 Elsets

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sun Feb 20 2000 - 22:58:58 PST

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    At 15:54 21/02/00 , Ron Lee wrote:
    >Prefer #21640, from Jan-Mar 1999.  No specific date
    >If there is a source for such archived data, please 
    >provide a URL.
    I have on my hard disk all mike mcCants historical elsets
    since October 98, and a weekly set of his
    files since January 99. Mike only has since late sep 99
    on his web site in his oldelsets subdirectory.
    I am sending by private e-mail, a set of elements
    extracted from the archive alldat.tle files I have.
    An alternative is to ask TS Kelso. He has an online form
    for which you can request elsets for any unclassified object,
    given the catalog number. 
    Tony Beresford
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