shuttle radar - me too!

Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 18:42:04 PST

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     Hi all -
     I just observed a 31-degree high pass of STS-99, and tracked it
    with a 12.5-inch reflector at 63x.  I was clearly a double object
    - but no sign of a boom between the objects!  The radar was on
    the north side of the shuttle, and about a magnitude fainter. 
    Overall, both ojects were magnitude +0.5 to the naked eye.
     Observing conditions weren't the greatest, with lousy seeing
    being the probable reason I couldn't see the connecting boom. 
    However, conditions were much better than the snowstorm of the
    previous two nights!  Despite the seeing, it was easier to see
    this object as double than it has been for the shuttle docked to
    the Mir as double.
     cheers, Rich Keen
     Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado, USA (39.877N, 105.391W, elev 2728m)
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