Newbie question

Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 17:38:25 PST

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    Hi y'all,
    It's my first time to subscribe to SeeSat-D.  I just started observing 
    satellites since astronomy is my hobby.  I received my first experience when 
    I witnessed an Iridium flare (with the help of Heavens-Above web page) and 
    was amazed by it that I began taking photographs of future flares.
    I have been reading a few of the discussions/letters, does anyone know where 
    I can get a shareware (I use a Macintosh) for such elsets?  Also, where can I 
    get information on upcoming decays that are visible from my location?  I 
    already checked several sites but found none helpful for beginners.
    I think I missed Starshine 1 from my location? :-(
    -17.75547, 168.30775, +11h
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