Re: shuttle radar visible

From: Bob Jones (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 19:30:25 PST

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    Just a guess: Wouldn't the 'pole' simply be the point of
    highest elevation in the pass?
    If so, of course Skymap will supply it in text or the
    starmap graphic.
    --Bob Jones
    > Also, align your telescope's mounting so that you are
    mostly slewing
    > >in one dimension --makes it much easier. Think of the
    satellite's path
    > across
    > >the sky as an approximation to a great circle. Point one
    axis of the scope's
    > >mounting towards the pole of the great circle.
    > >
    > >-Frank E. Reed
    > I understand the concept but am wondering if there is a
    way to determine
    > the approximate "pole" using Rob Matson's Skymap or some
    other method.
    > Ron Lee
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