ID on sat this morning..?

From: James Lofton (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 13:53:47 PST

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    This morning(feb14,00)at 05:39 or so, just as I had found and raised my
    7X50's to Iridium 59,
    I saw anouther sat? pass VERY closely by Iri 59. It was not as bright
    and heading north, with Iri 59 heading south.
    After the pass of Iri 59, I looked for the other object and found it had
    grown brighter and was heading NNE(very little east), and about 75
    degrees up in the eastern sky.
    Seeing as how my new version of LogSat is still not working...., can
    anyone help me out on what this might have been??
    Many thanks!
    New Mexico 34.30479   103.31255
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