Re: Shuttle Launch

From: Johannes Mueller (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 11:35:00 PST

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    > Alan Pickup <> wrote
    > I second that :)  Both made a pass reaching ~70 deg in the N at about
    > 18:04 UTC as seen from Edinburgh.
    I also mangaged to see this pass, which was ~26 deg for my location.
    > changed continuously during the pass. One or two of the jets were fan-
    > shaped close to the object and others, up to 2 deg away, were narrow and
    > aligned perfectly with the object.
    Yes, what a sight!!! I never expected to see something like this. First, I
    thought about condensed water on my bino before I noticed that the clouds were
    moving with both objects.
    This observation was definitely a good compensation for beeing clouded out
    with solar eclipse and leonids last year.
    Johannes Mueller, Irmtraut/Germany
    coord.: 5033'15''N, 803'33''E, UT+1
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