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Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 23:14:34 PST

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    >>This thread has moved into topics that are FAR from visual satellite
    >>observing. Am I alone in this?
         The shuttle is a high-interest satellite, and its missions (as well as other
    SATELLITE subjects) are covered by NASA-TV. In that respect NASA-TV is a useful tool, no
    less useful than any other tool such as Satspy or Skymap. Are posts on these tools
    off-topic? No. NASA-TV can be useful in visual satellite observation, and is therefore
    germane to this list. Count the number of recent posts concerning VISUAL OBSERVATIONS  of
    the Shuttle, Hubble, and Chandra  in orbit and particularly Shuttle reentry. Many cited
    real-time information provided by NASA-TV. No, I don't think these topics are FAR from
    visual satellite observing, in fact they are quite relevant.
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