Globalstar Obs

Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 19:58:58 PST

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    I observed the latest Globalstar sats however i was only able to get a
    timing on the first one as they were close together. At 02:56:17 10 Feb UTC
    +/- 3 sec Globalstar D? #26084 00008D passed less than a degree below (ESE)
    Castor. Mag 4. I checked my watch for the time and when i put my 10x50s back
    up to Castor since i was using it as a reference star i noted another one
    right below it. Since a few seconds had passed i realized that it was the
    second in line, Globalstar B? #26082 00008B. Knowing the others weren't too
    far behind, i scanned a bit to the West and there was Globalstar C? #26083
    00008C and 7 sec behind it was Globalstar A #26081 0000A. They all were the
    same mag 4.
    At 03:02:26 i observed Cosmos 2369 r #26070 00006B enter shadow approx 2 deg
    to the left (W) of Alioth.
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