JAWSat deb G? Obs?

From: finn@main.jetnet.ab.ca
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 18:35:48 PST

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    Noticing the latest elsets including a new object, JAWSat deb G? #26079
    00004G i looked for it this evening. I spotted a rapidly flashing object at
    times reaching 1x visibility but easily seen with my 10x50s. I thought it
    was a CF-18 at first due to the flashing as a few were flying around but it
    didn't have red strobes. I followed the object along and it was on the
    predicted track and at 01:58:25 10 Feb UTC +/- 3 sec it passed 5 deg above
    Procyon. The only other object that was near it was ASUSat #26065 00004E but
    i have not heard of any reports of ASUSat flashing like the object i
    observed. I was unable to time the flashes as they were too quick.
    I looked for the Tethered Picosats #26080 00004H but nothing was seen of it
    however Gblstar A Delta r #26085 00008E was a steady mag 4.
    JAWSat deb G?                                    806 x 751 km
    1 26079U 00004G   00040.14955717  .00001351  00000-0  50016-3 0   199
    2 26079 100.2286 239.0873 0038070 153.1475 207.1660 14.34061000   608
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