Soyuz r/b

Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 12:23:34 PST

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    I observed a Soyuz R/B (spacecom #25911)on Feb 8, at 18:20pm EST. 
    Heavens-above placed it at mag. 2.0! But during its crossing, it had an 
    "average" of 2.0, but continuously flared up to -1, and then quickly down to 
    +3, not in any particular order. Pretty bright for a rocket. Second, it 
    crossed the whole sky in just 4 minutes! (as opposed to at least 7 usually).  
    This Soyuz r/b was launched from Russia in Sept of 1999. I have infered from 
    this that the soyuz r/b is near atmospheric entry, but it wouldnt seem right; 
    after all, it was launched just a few months ago. 
        Has anyone else observed this satellite? Does anyone have an idea when 
    this r/b will burnup? -Ben 40.5770N, 73.980W
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