Decay Forecast STARSHINE

From: Harro.Zimmer (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 06:04:59 PST

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    Report time 14:00 UTC
    1999-030B (#25769) STARSHINE
    MPM shows based on ELSET 00039.743... and a mean data set from four preceding
    ELSETs an decay on       18 February, 07:30 UTC +/- 18 hours
    Important is the solar flux (F 10.7 cm) over the next 10 days. My input is 172, 
    the NOAA/USAF forecast for the 28 days mean value.
    An independent calculation with the NASA ENVNET decay prediction program - it 
    based on a more sophisticated solar flux model - shows also a result well 
    within the above mentioned error margin.
    This message is the first of a daily update. Near the decay date I will also 
    issue reentry times and positions. Gil Moore, head of the STARSHINE project, told 
    me that SpaceCom will released from now until to eight STARSHINE ELSETs per 

    Berlin, Germany
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