From: Alcir Carra (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 04:42:02 PST

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    Ed Cannon wrote:
    >Feb. 9 UTC (Tuesday evening local), one-power flashes were 
    >again observed from TDF 1 (88-98A, 19621, a near-geosynch 
    >satellite) from about 1:48:26.75 to about 1:51:25.50.  
    	I observed this flasher from my location (29.16S,51.18W) on Monday
    and Twesday night (Feb 08 and 09 UTC). I was more interested in measuring
    the period. I achieved a period (or half period) of 16,4 seconds. I also
    observed that the naked eye visible flashes were about 10 minutes late on
    Tuesday night (Feb. 9 UTC). I donīt have the exact time of the begining and
    the end of the one-power flashes. But the times seems to be diferent of
    those related by Ed Cannon. On Feb. 09 UTC, Ed Cannon observed it until
    1:51:25 (UTC). This time matches my observations of Feb. 08 (UTC). So, the
    question is: the one-power flashes may be visible at diferent times for
    obsevations at diferent locations?
    Alcir Carra
    Caxias do Sul, Brazil
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