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From: Russ Johnson (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 08:21:41 PST

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    Here's the info on NASA-TV:
        NASA-TV is available at no extra cost on both DirecTV and Dish Network, but
    they're running out of capacity on their primary satellites so they put it on
    their secondary satellites. You can't get it on the regular 18" dish--you need to
    buy the systems capable of receiving from two satellites. On DirecTV you would
    need either "DirecTV Plus" or "DirecTV Para Todos" 18x24" dishes (which are also
    upgradeable to HDTV in the future) to access this satellite, on Dish Network you
    would need the "Dish500" system. These systems are fairly new and might not be
    available in all areas, plus the dealers I talked to weren't all that familiar
    with them. And besides that, they are trickier to install, the first installer
    couldn't align it right (has to be aligned on both satellites) and had to call out
    another guy. Anyway once it's installed it comes in great, I've had continuous
    coverage of all the delays so far! I think these dual-satellite systems are
    probably worth the (slight) extra cost since they will be forward-compatible with
    new services offered by the satellite companies.
        As far as getting NASA-TV on the internet, good luck. The capacity is very
    limited so during a launch or landing it's practically impossible to get a feed
    and if you do, it's a tiny, jerky picture (or nothing at all), even on a 56k
        Hope this helps.
    Russ Johnson
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