Re: Mir Question - Semi-Urgent!

From: Fred Burger (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 21:30:36 PST

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    If you get Dish Network, NASA TV is now available on their primary 119 degree
    satellite location (on channel 213), so you don't need the 'dish 500'
    dual-satellite dish.
    You can get all the available 'cable' channels as well as NASA TV from a single
    dish.  The
    additional channels on the 110 degree satellite (the Dish 500 receives from both
    119 and 110) are mainly the local channel rebroadcasts and some additional
    pay-per-view and foreign language channels.
    - Fred   (Dish Network subscriber)
    By the way, I've seen Echostar I, one of the two Dish Network sats at 119,
    in my 13" reflecting telescope.  It was one of the first geosats I tried for.
    Russ Johnson wrote:
    > Here's the info on NASA-TV:
    >     NASA-TV is available at no extra cost on both DirecTV and Dish
    > Network, but
    > they're running out of capacity on their primary satellites so they put
    > it on
    > their secondary satellites. You can't get it on the regular 18"
    > dish--you need to
    > buy the systems capable of receiving from two satellites. On DirecTV you would
    > need either "DirecTV Plus" or "DirecTV Para Todos" 18x24" dishes (which
    > are also
    > upgradeable to HDTV in the future) to access this satellite, on Dish
    > Network you
    > would need the "Dish500" system.
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