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From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 20:28:31 PST

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    Hi everybody,
    What a hectic day for me. Been very busy at work and had to be at our
    school's open house 15 minutes after the Delta depletion burn occured.
    With all I had to do before this obs, I was putting my eyes into my binocs
    only 8 seconds before the start of the burn.
    Being right underneath treated us  to a very spectacular sight quite different
    from what I saw last August. The rocket stage reached mag +1 or 0 at the
    start of the second part of the maneuver. The four Globalstar were easily
    seen naked eye.
    I think there definitely is a fuel dump after the burn as Ron Lee told us and
    contrary to what Boeing told me. Maybe they are hiding something, technology
    transfer issues as thay say ? The rocket clearly followed a different trajectory
    than the 4 satellites.
    A complete report will follow tomorrow (for me) and I will make drawings
    of what I saw.
    Daniel Deak
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