Re: Mir Question - Semi-Urgent!

From: Jake Rees (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 02:33:06 PST

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    About getting NASA-TV:
    It is available for free to those with a big satellite dish system (c-band).
    But if you don't have that or don't have the space for it, it is also
    available via the small dish satellite system DishNetwork in the USA only.
    It would involve an outlay of money for the hardware perhaps.  Sometimes by
    buying a certain amount of programming the hardware is sold at discount or
    free in some cases.  One way or another it will involve some expenditure of
    money.  NASA-TV is on their system from what I understand but might require
    a certain minimum programming package to be able to access it.........not
    sure of all the details.
    I also had heard a rumor that it would be on the other U.S. small dish
    system Direct TV.  But I looked around their website and could not find any
    mention of it.
    -- Jake Rees
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