Preliminary finding Jan.'00 OIG/GSFC SSR missing 980 objects

From: John Gardner (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 04:18:19 PST

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    Hello All,
    February 5, 2000  1217 UTC
    RE: Important information on January 2000 Satellite Situation Report
    I noticed the 2000 January report file size is 141499 bytes shorter
    than the 1999 December report.  _Preliminary_ investigation reveals
    980 (yes, almost a 1000) objects are missing for reasons unknown as
    edvident by lack of NORAD object designations higher than 25066U.
    (Note: Exclusive of new launches/decayes occurring in year 2000.)
    For purpose of reference only, last _NORAD_ cataloged 1999 object was
    26055U = 1999-047G
    Early checks for possible unknown limitations of my computer program
    showed no problems with it.  Additional testing will be done.
    John Gardner,Jr
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