Mir photos

From: Thomas A. Troszak (tom@tomtroszak.com)
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 11:06:00 PST

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    My wife and I have taken a photo of Mir using nothing more than a Meade
    8" dia. paper tube reflector, and an Olympus OM-1. I guided the scope by
    hand, and she took the pics. Mir was at 47 deg. altitude and so about
    twice as far away as an overhead pass would be. Magnitude about -1.5, I
    reckon.  It varied throughout the pass and was fading as this pic was
    shot, and a light high cloud cover did not help, I'm sure.
    The photo was shot with Kodak film, and the prints were made a an Eckerd
    Drug 1-hour photo lab. The 3x5 print was scanned with Photoshop. No
    enhancement was used other than increasing the contrast and decreasing
    brightness. I'm sure that more could be done with various methods...
    I was going to wait until we had a second chance (now that we sort of
    know what we are doing) in the hope of getting a clearer shot but
    everybody seems to be posting their pics of mir so I figured what the
    heck, here it is:
    I have included copies of the Toyama Observatory picture for comparison,
    hopefully with their permission.
    Tom Troszak,
    Asheville, NC, USA
    35.601 N, -82.554 W
    elevation 2,300 ft.
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