06155, Ir 60 flare, no ETS-6

From: Mark A. Hanning-Lee (mhanning-lee@syagen.com)
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 19:21:50 PST

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    Hi, on 2/3 PST saw 06155 ATLAS CENTAUR R/B near Aldebaran, same
    brightness & color! Much brighter than predicted mag 3.2, a good pass.
    Iridium 60 25276 flared as predicted to mag -3.
    I looked briefly for ETS-6 between 18:24-18:26 = 2/4 2:24-2:26 UTC but
    did not see it at 1-power. I haven't seen it for a while; when should I
    expect 1-power flashes on the evening of 2/6 local time? I look forward
    to recovering it.
    Best, Mark
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