Re: Decay watch: 2000 Feb 2 19:30 UTC

From: Jeff Pethybridge (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 14:00:21 PST

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    Please do not delay ;-) ( if there is a chance of a decay for some of us
    here in OZ)
    Still getting a hold on the number sets you post and what we have to do to
    them from here to 
    keep track.
    Spent a few hours on my back on the grass, shocked at how many objects you
    can see in one field of view, all moving in different directions. ( 4 at
    once , 3 crossed at one point with in 1-1.5 seconds )
    Thanx for your work
    At 07:04 3/02/00 , Alan Pickup wrote:
    >#26068 = 00- 05 B = Progress M1-1 Soyuz r
    >My prediction is for this decay to occur at Feb 2 22:21 +-3h near 30.2
    >N, 152.8 E, which is over the NE Pacific, E of Japan. I had delayed
    >posting this prediction in the hope that later elsets would appear. In
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