Re.: reentry over Argentina

From: Harro.Zimmer (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 02:46:17 PST

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    On January 25, we had one "official" decayer and one suspicious. The last one
    is 99047G (#26055) the Yamal AUX MOTOR. The last released ELSET 00024.8138...
    showed the object on the wrong time at the right place. I suppose that 99047G
    was possibly at midday (local time) already decayed but we have no confirmation 
    from SpaceCom about the date and the time.
    The "official" decayer was 90043L (# 20759)SCOUT G-1 DEBRIS. It have a very
    small radar cross section, only 0.0633 m². But with the last published ELSET
    00024.9906.... there is a comfortable pass for Sachayoc (Argentina) between
    09:28:50 and 09:36:20 UTC with a maximum elevation of 40° (AZ: 271.3°) 90043L
    moved from N (AZ: 353°) to S (AZ: 189°W). On this pass the ELSET showed the ob-
    ject at altitudes around 250  km. A much higher drag term delivers a small
    time shift (a few minutes earlier) and no dramatic change for the elevation.
    90043L : Chance or reality?  We need a more precise time (what means midday"?) 
    and and an information about the moving direction....
    Berlin, Germany
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