Re: Blue ISS

Bruno Tilgner (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 16:43:22 -0500

Jay Respler wrote:

>I believe though, that  Bruno is talking about ordinary sightings such
>as 'Mir crossed above star X'. If not comparing magnitudes, the star path
>is a strictly local circumstance and I've also wondered why that 
>?unnecessary info was posted.

Jay, you are absolutely correct. What I had in mind are the numerous cases
where somebody predicts the passage of an object, actually sees it, and
reports which constellations or stars it crossed. I don't think this is
useful information unless something particular happened along the path,
for instance an unexpected change of brightness. In this case reference
to a nearby star gives analysts a hint when and where it happened.

The same goes for UNIDs. I fully agree with Bjoern that any piece of
information may be helpul identifying the object. 

Bruno Tilgner
Paris, France