Jim Nix (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 21:51:35 -0600

Hi all,

 Observed DMSP 7 this eve.  Skymap showed it 5 secs early at Dubhe and beta CMa (elevs
both near 30d), yet, ontime at Pollux (elev 60)??  The stars I chose for positional timing
do not show in SkyChart32 and estimations based on the ones that do show would put the
timings at 1 degree + err.The trajectory also seemed off by as much as 1 degree at all
three measurement points.

How much of a difference in position would there be between epoch/eq  of 1999.15 and 2000?

 I did get timings of a couple of -1 flashes from DMSP 7 at 01:09:25.81 & 01:11:28.76.
Date 02/26/99.  Magnitude varied from 5.5 to inv during pass.