unid flare

Tyler MacKenzie (tmackenz@mta.ca)
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 23:50:19 -0400

Howdy list,
	I saw a flare from out side my Sackville apartment tonight while
setting up my telescope.  It was at 23:13 UT (7:13pm local) bearing NNE at
5-10d altitude heading slowly (? 0.2d per second) and almost horizontally
toward the NNW (i.e. retrograde-ish).  It caught my eye by leaping forth
from behind a rooftop of the house across the street, and it travelled,
peaking at 0 or brighter, for about 10-15 seconds until dimming to
invisible.  I have tentatively got it as MOS 1-B (20491/90013D), but it was
supposed to be nearly 9th mag.  What would make this sat flare by 9+ mag's?
Is it something else?  I only checked with the current molczan.tle.

PS: After getting the scope hooked up, I got a nice treat following ETS-6
at 92x (10" newtonian) tumbling through Orion and Monoceros.  Haven't
traked down the comparison stars yet, but it was varying from about 10-11
up to maybe 7 in a complex pattern.  First time I've seen this tumbler.

Tyler MacKenzie  MTX
Sackville, N.B., Canada
45.885 -64.368  +15m   Z-0400