Re:Elsets Epochs and Y2K
Wed, 24 Feb 99 16:20:35 -0500


Have you installed the Office97 Y2K patches yet?


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Subject:    Elsets Epochs and Y2K 
Author: <>
Date:       24-Feb-99 12:52 PM

Do we know yet how we are going to handle elset epoch data after the end of
the year?  One second after 31 Dec 99 23:59:59 UTC (99365.99999999) will we
start with 00001.00000000 or what?

I just wrote an equation in Microsoft Excel '97 that converts elset epoch
dates to the more conventional "dd mmm yyyy hh:mm (UTC)".  I noticed that if
I change the "1900" in my formula to "2000", then Excel correctly converts
00001.00000000 to 01 Jan 2000 00:00 UTC.  However, then it also calculates
all the other years in elsets (like 99055.00000000) to the wrong century.


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