Re: What to look for?

Mon, 22 Feb 1999 23:12:20 -0500

Gail Leadbeatter wrote:
> As a new viewer to this arena, can anyone recommend which Sats I should be
> looking for.  

Elements for the brightest sats are in VISUAL.TXT.  At my web site, below,
go to MORE INFO.  VISUAL is there.

> Also, I have a 4" Reflector Telescope, is this good enough for viewing
> Geostationary Sats?  If so which ones?

How faint a mag can you see?  Most sync sats are fainter than 11 or 12.  
There are a few as bright as 10.  Gorizont 14 is now visible flashing
in binoculars.
Jay Respler
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