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Sun, 21 Feb 1999 23:59:53 -0500

JAY RESPLER <> said:

>I sent the NY Times review of this book about Mir to my News email list.
>Those not on my list can get it at:
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Personal opinions -

I didn't think Andy Chakin was harsh enough with his review of this book.
While "Dragonfly" has many interesting pieces of information it also has
many many many technical mistakes.  Those mistakes range from minor
(misspelling the name of the AP Reporter and Judy Resnik, incorrect
descriptions of press conferences where I was present) to major (not
understanding the differences between the Russian Sokol and Orlan pressure
suits).  While I found the book fascinating reading I also kept thinking "I
know this is wrong" or "I wonder if this is right".  I've talked with many
of the NASA folks in the Shuttle-Mir who were quoted in the book and every
single one of them claims that they were misquoted - or that quotes were
completely made up.

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