Decay Forecast

Harro.Zimmer (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 15:14:34 +0100

Report time  13:40 UT

1997-007B (25633) SOJUS TM-29 R/B   (230.3 / 183.5 km)

SpaceCom has at this moment the "fresh" object not on its agenda. MPM shows with 
the first ELSETs a decay at    
                           Feb 22,  06:05 UTC + /- 08 hours
There are good visibility conditions for the Northamerican SeeSaters.

Another candidate for the next days may be MOLNIYA 3-28 (1986-031A). At this time 
I can't predict a realistic decay data. The last released ELSET epoch was 
99041.536... In respect to the high solar activity at the last days I speculate 
he may come down not later then Feb 28.
Alan: What's your opinion?


Berlin, Germany