Iridium 11 flashes; Cosmos 673 Rk

Ed Cannon (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 03:18:22 -0600

Observed two very bright flashes from Iridium 11 (24842, 97-30G).

  mag. +0 to -1 at 1999-02-19 02:04:10 +/- 1 sec.
  mag. -1 to -2 at 1999-02-19 02:04:19 +/- 1 sec.

Location was maybe almost a kilometer or less north of 30.286N, 
97.739W, about 150 m.

Also had a near-zenith pass of Iridium 14, another flashing one, 
but I didn't see anything from it at one-power.

Had a predicted -5 flare from Iridium 54, but I'm sure that it
was at least a full magnitude brighter (perhaps due to me being
almost one km. north of my prediction location?); also it passed 
only a few degrees from Sirius -- a very nice sight.

Sunday night and Thursday night (local time) there were very 
bright passes of Cosmos 673 Rk (07418, 74-66B), which Alan has 
predicted in decay list #70 as decaying on May 4.  Thursday 
night's pass at 1999-02-19 00:55:02 UTC, with culmination at 
alt. 81, azi. 260, and phase angle 90 deg., was easy to see even 
with the solar elevation being only -8 degrees.  I was able to 
watch it for more than a minute.  The Quicksat predicted mag. 
was +1.3 (intrinsic mag. +3.0), but it may have been brighter.

The Moon, Venus, and Jupiter weren't too bad Thursday evening, 

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA