Lacrosse 3 r Brightness
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 21:40:40 -0700 (MST)

Despite predicted magnitudes of 2.2 for the 01:30:24 UTC pass and 2.4 for
the 03:09:25 UTC passes of Lacrosse 3 r #25018, i only saw the later pass
and it was only about a magnitude 3.6. Even with the early pass, i saw
magnitude 3.2 Cosmos 673 r #07418 10 minutes earlier and magnitude 3.9
Cosmos 1437 r #13771 after but no Lac 3 r. I have seen Lacrosse 3 r before
and it has been bright but lately it has lost it's shine, any explaination?

Also while i was watching Iridium 11 flash i noticed another object just
above it, magnitude 4, going in the same direction. A passing Skidoo with
it's bright halogen headlight interupted further tracking but with it's
close proximity to Ir 11, i was able to ID it later on as Cosmos 494 r #06061.