Unknown Flare

Sun, 14 Feb 1999 19:38:11 -0700 (MST)

With clear skies i was out doing some sat watching, i had a nice bright (mag
2) pass by Cosmos 2359 #25376 and was looking for mag 4 Cosmos 1908 #18748
but to no avail. As i turned and looked North, i noticed a bright light very
near the end star of the Big Dipper. I knew it was a flare and it reached
approx -3 magnitude. It remained visible for several seconds, even when it
began to fade so i could see that it was heading North. Here are the

Time : 01:55:31 +/- 1 sec 15 Feb UTC
Azim : 020 degrees approx
Elev : 15-20 degrees
Track: South to North a degree or 2 below Alkaid in Ursa Major at the time 

I have 2 possibles that come close time and track wise, they are Landsat 4
#13367 and Spot 3 r #22830 but i am unable to confirm which one it was. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i must step out again as the sky is
still clear and more sats are predicted to pass by. Thank you.