Re: Upcoming launches

Tony Beresford (
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 11:50:18 +1030

At 06:01 15/02/99 , Mike DiMuzio wrote:

>	The Deep Space 1 web page claims that its ion
>engine uses 2100 watts, so ARGOS' is over 10 times larger.
>I'm not sure how large DS1's solar arrays are, but they are also
>an experimental design, supposedly with an efficiency of 22%.
Mike, ARGOS's power supply is quoted as proving 2,200 watts
so the ESEX system must be using battery power to provide
more power than the solar array system can provide.
Incidentally, Keith Stein quotes the ARGOS satellite
as being 2.8m by 2.5m by 4.7 m, which implies
about mag 3-3.5 on an overhead pass according to my
rough calculations.
Tony Beresford